JC2MP Server Changelog

A changelog will be released at the beginning of a month if any changes have been made in the previous one.

Changes will be rolled out on the server before the release of a changelog.

Some changes like those revealing too much behind the scenes information are usually omitted.

Update 123

January-March 2023


From now on, noteworthy changes to the server will be shared in the #changelog channel on Discord the moment those changes go live.

This will make it faster and easier to share updates on the server and allow for more direct feedback.


  • Made several major adjustments to hit detection; check #announcements on Discord for a detailed explanation
  • Added the ability to disable lock-on only rocket launchers (used for special events)
  • Created vanilla hit detection April Fools event


  • Added ability to selectively remove weapons and rocket parachutes during events
  • Added event countdowns
  • Added rule examples 1h and 1i

Update 122

November-December 2022


  • Added ability to control vehicle roll and pitch while in air (currently in testing phase, has to be enabled manually via the /aircontrol command)


  • Sped up wingsuit activation/deactivation animation
  • Added cooldown for joining factions (20 minutes)
  • Updated some details about faction mechanics in the help
  • Reworked entire wingsuit code for better performance and maintenance
  • Updated server code length in help


  • Fixed key presses being falsely detected (mainly for manual shifting, but also for many other features)
  • (Possibly) fixed broken player upper body animation state
  • Fixed vehicle jumping not recharging while HUD is hidden
  • Fixed wingsuit activation (it will no longer accidentally activate when holding the button)
  • Fixed “Passive” text showing up after changing game resolution, despite not being in passive mode

Update 121

October 2022


  • Created automation for FFA events (kill tracking, passive, respawn and more)
  • Started work on a larger project that will over time open up a lot more possibilities for both events and general features


  • Added a “move relative to where you’re looking” mode to freecam
  • Reworked freecam movement - acceleration scales with speed setting, direction changes are direct, diagonal movement will not exceed max speed anymore
  • Adjusted tuning limits (gave a bit more room on some settings)
  • Added vertical speed indicator to Alphud
  • Map screen will now remain open until teleport is complete
  • Blocked warping to dead players, as well as warping while dead
  • Disabled automatic removal of certain words from player names
  • Updated wording in Donation help tab


  • Fixed a rare scenario where a player would be added twice to the player list
  • Fixed passive text position at the top of the screen not being updated upon changing game resolution

Update 120

Mostly September 2022




  • Cleaned up tuning GUI, added limits to all settings to reduce game breaking configurations
  • Added stunt to passenger for some missing cars and Tuk Tuks
  • Allow factions to be renamed directly after creation
  • Added ability for staff to exclude players from creating factions
  • Added yet another nametag style: Stack (might be temporary, but if anyone wants to take a look - go ahead!)
  • Moved vehicle occupant list for Classic/Compact tags above the name of the player (instead of below)
  • Competitive nametags will no longer show player’s tags (Donors/Staff), just like the Minimal style
  • Increased name length for Focus nametags from 5 to 8 characters
  • Disabled new changelogs being announced with an onscreen notice on the server


  • Fixed /blockvehicleexit not blocking parachute ejects anymore
  • Fixed not being able to enter a vehicle as passenger while passive
  • Fixed passive locked players being put into passive when going AFK
  • Fixed custom hitsync not being fully disabled for passive players
  • Fixed melee not being blocked in the cooldown between leaving passive and being able to use weapons
  • Fixed Focus and Minimal nametags displaying a wrong amount of vehicle occupants
  • Fixed Focus nametags breaking when vehicles have passengers
  • Fixed some chat messages getting lost in the time between a player joining and the scripts being loaded
  • Fixed faction names not updating on the F2 map after rename
  • Fixed automatic announcement of changelogs on the server
  • Fixed spelling mistake in rule 1c
  • Fixed typo in the Aquila Forte’s name in the spawn menu

Thanks to all the people who keep finding and reporting bugs like these!

Update 119

Mostly April 2022


  • Updated server rules, more info in the #announcements channel on Discord
  • Vehicle passengers will no longer slide over to take the driver seat when the driver exits
  • It is now possible to enter an empty passenger seat from stunt jump (check the help for controls)
  • Rocket launchers will no longer break lock when the driver exits the vehicle (quad launchers can even continue locking on)
  • Players now have increased maximum health (this only affects physics damage as well as some types of explosions; bullet, bomb and melee damage is unaffected)
  • Changed the way clientside scripts are loaded to hopefully reduce issues like getting stuck on server join
  • Heavily optimized several clientside scripts in hopes of getting a few more FPS
  • Added ability to block some more features during events (C4, spawn menu, teleporting and a few more)


  • Factions in the faction browser are now sorted by last activity, instead of size
  • The faction browser now uses different sort methods for each column
  • The list of players who are blocked from sending you PMs can now be listed with /pmblocks
  • Added /lenny
  • Disabled Admins and above being able to see every player’s map blips, even when hidden
  • Added a new nametag style: Focus (it is still experimental and will change in the future)
  • Added a way to teleport all event members to one location
  • Changed the formatting of event chat messages for easier readability (and less spam for staff)
  • Some smaller details


  • Fixed an exploit related to respawning the currently equipped weapon (thanks to Drak for the idea)
  • Fixed faction bases without SAMs using nearby SAMs (instead of none)
  • Fixed subsequent melee hits (it only worked on the first hit in a series)
  • Fixed chat scrolling on touchpads
  • Fixed freecam not working when wingsuiting (entering freecam now stops wingsuiting)
  • Fixed dropdown settings (currently only used for the nametag style) not saving on the first change
  • (Accidentally) fixed spawning at the faction base on join
  • Removed “only damages DLC users” warning on Signature Gun
  • Fixed many smaller bugs

Update 118

June 2021


  • Several adjustments have been made to combat cooldowns
    • Firing a lock-on rocket launcher resets the cooldown
    • Having active missile locks onto the own player or vehicle resets the cooldown
    • Dropping Bering bombs resets the cooldown
    • Being hit by a bomb resets the cooldown
    • Running a vehicle into a player resets the cooldown
    • Damaging a vehicle through non-combat means no longer reset the cooldown
  • Added vehicle sync for vehicles that have occupants but no driver - this also fixes:
    • planes with stunt passengers but no drivers going heavily out of sync
    • vehicles despawning while in stunt, after moving too far
  • Added plane surfing - planes without driver can now be controlled slightly from stunt jump
  • Added checkpoint stopwatch - type /lap or /stopwatch and a checkpoint will be spawned that tracks time between passing it; can specify an optional number of laps


  • Melee hit detection is now more accurate
  • Added more global modes for the warp menu (blacklist/whitelist all with/without exceptions)
  • Added /killstreak command to display current killstreak
  • Hitmarkers are now more reliable when it comes to dealing damage and resetting combat cooldowns
  • Warp request messages are now removed from the chat after the request would time out
  • Reworked data structure for easier backups and migrations


  • Fixed vehicle spawns destroyed by Bering bombs will no longer stay broken
  • Empty /shrug messages are no longer blocked
  • Dead players can no longer heal or be healed

Update 117

May 2021


  • Added flares to all aircraft that will break missile locks when deployed
  • Added aircraft rudder control (see help for controls)
  • Added weapon cooldown when leaving passive near non-passive players
  • Made many small adjustments to staff tools


  • Added vehicle zoom
  • Moved warp menu to different button to make space for vehicle zoom
  • Added settings for a static field of view
  • Removed cooldown before being able to leave passive
  • Rewrote SAM site animations to look less janky and fix underlying technical issues
  • SAM sites will now fire instantly when aligned, reducing the delay before firing
  • SAM sites now play their sound effect from singleplayer when firing
  • Spawn menu locked players can not drive vehicles anymore
  • Added /coinflip
  • Rewrote most of the chat core functionality for more efficiency and flexibility
  • Delay compensator circles are not shown on passive targets anymore
  • Added separate category in F8 for camera settings


  • Fixed some ancient spam filter quirks that caused earlier mutes in certain scenarios
  • Custom cameras won’t cycle anymore while the player has menus open
  • Fixed a rare issue where SAM sites would detonate the missiles they fired by spinning into them

Update 116

March-April 2021


  • Using a bubble gun won’t allow firing a Tuk Tuk Boom Boom in passive anymore
  • Adjusted permissions on some staff tools
  • Reverted first person camera position to what it used to be like before the previous update
  • Improved line spacing in report window
  • Added a workaround to allow controller boosting while passive
  • Rewrote combat cooldown code structure for better efficiency
  • Explosion attacks should now be counted towards combat cooldowns a little more reliably
  • Prevented going /afk in combat
  • Added more websites to the name filter
  • Prevented using /drunk while dangling from a grappling hook to fix a noclip issue
  • Faction vehicle decals are now saved


  • Added safeties for some rare clientside errors
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would get locked into passive instead of out
  • Fixed some typos and errors in the help
  • Fixed rare issues with passive toggling

Update 115

October 2020


  • Made the styling of the website less hideous
  • Fixed the website scaling on mobile devices
  • Added optional timestamps for the web feed (use the “timestamps” query parameter to enable: https://alphie.de/jc/feed?timestamps=true)
  • Heavily reworked website backend for more performance and easier future changes

Update 114

July 2020


  • Bering bombs always reload when entering a Bering now
  • Slightly increased nametag full visibility cone size
  • Refactored speedometer code for better performance
  • Increased 3D speedometer scale to make it look smoother
  • Fixed passenger speedometers sticking to the driver after exiting
  • Added Captain Singh's version of the Winstons Amen 69 (Minerva) to the spawn menu
  • Fixed a rare bug related to setting dependencies
  • Fixed an issue where /hud could be disabled by opening the menu or PDA
  • Fixed the chat being visible when internally disabled
  • Added /id
  • Decreased report cooldown to 30 minutes
  • Added ability to block boost to the event toolkit
  • Added ability to force waterwalk state to the event toolkit
  • Improved aim helper efficiency
  • Slightly decreased aim helper range
  • Slightly tweaked the looks of the faction marker
  • Added event waypoint


  • Suppressed several broken physics or broken API related errors

Update 113

June 2020


  • Added /wpa as alias for /wpaccept
  • Disabled buymenu when player is dead
  • Added complete invulnerability to spawn protection
  • Managed to disable a few more collision types for passive players
  • Somewhat smoothed the braking for some plane models when using the autopilot approach feature
  • Changed hitsync damage dropoff over distance to be a bit more generous
  • Fine-tuned many custom hitsync weapons (buffed damage and range a bit for the most part)
  • Normalized vehicle defense in custom hitsync to reduce the difference between the weakest and strongest vehicles
  • Disabled minimap blips while scoping in with a scoped weapon
  • Disabled stunt jump while /blockvehicleexit is active
  • Made adjustments to freecam to allow it to be used by the general public
  • Added passenger speedometers (setting)
  • Reduced minimap blip size to reduce clutter
  • Added larger minimap blips for vehicles
  • Added support for view sensitivity setting to freecam
  • Added freecam acceleration
  • Buffed sniper rifle range
  • Updated coding credits help tab and added one for contact
  • Changed center text on player death to show the death reason
  • Disabled rendering of vehicle passenger map blips to reduce clutter and performance impact
  • Changed map blips to use HUD opacity setting
  • Changed nametags and nearby minimap blips to overlap based on distance for better visibility of closer players
  • Reduced nametag visibility and range to improve gameplay immersion
  • Changed nametag scaling to better match the actual onscreen player/vehicle model size
  • Made all nametags scale in size on higher resolution monitors
  • Heavily reworked minimal nametag style to be more true to its name
  • Added setting for boost strength


  • Changed many clientside features to only initialize when they are first needed to decrease the amount of things happening on server join and hopefully decrease loading issues
  • Added a few broken physics checks to prevent unnecessary script errors
  • Added grouping of recent storage entries to decrease fragmentation and lag when dumping storages
  • Made rearrangements to prevent storage related errors from unloading modules
  • Cleaned up and reduced helper library code
  • Removed several development related modules that are not needed anymore
  • Refactored loads and I really mean loads of clientside code (including some major rewrites) to reduce their resource demand and thus improve framerates
  • Fixed a bug in the error reporting module that would cause some information to be lost
  • Moved periodic storage dumps to late mornings EU time to reduce lag during US night


  • Fixed (controller) vehicle firing with custom hitsync
  • Fixed an issue in the custom hitsync that made it possible to fire the previous vehicle's weapons on foot (Video)
  • Fixed a small issue in the faction marker text size calculation
  • Changed render type for autopilot approaches and runway highlighting to fix some graphics bugs
  • Discovered a bug in an API function which crashed the server :eyes: (RIP 330+ days of uptime)
  • Added a workaround for an API bug that should fix issues like the wingsuit not working after one's vehicle was removed
  • Fixed server-wide achievement unlock info messages

Update 112

April 2020


  • Prevented changing the last death position by dying again while it is still active
  • Disabled setting the last death position when not in combat
  • Fixed permission check on /time (everyone was able to change the ingame time for a few weeks)
  • Added keybinding settings for most feature-related keybindings
  • Added statically placed submarine in the Selatan Archipelago
  • Disabled plane reverse while still going forward
  • Cleaned up and attempted to improve the wingsuit activation double tap logic (as it seems to not work for some people)
  • Improved and cleaned up rule wording
  • Replaced teleport abuse rule with passive harassment one
  • Fixed name of Shimuzu Freerunner in the spawn menu (it was "Freerunners" before for some reason)
  • Added Shimuzu PI Service to the vehicles that have a crosshair (when using the custom crosshair)
  • Fixed an issue where statically placed vehicles could respawn while they are still occupied which would break some things
  • Lowered and rebalanced damage across all bullet weapons to increase time to kill by ~25%
  • Disabled internal auto aim to make the aim position match for laser sights and people using the vanilla crosshair
  • Rebalanced bullet weapon ranges and increased damage dropoff over distance to reduce the effective combat distance
  • Added bullet spread
  • Made shotguns finally fire multiple projectiles per shot with higher spread and lower individual damage (instead of a single projectile like a regular bullet weapon)
  • Added the gate at Sungai Cengkih Besar (I hope this is how you write it, I did not check this) to the stronghold gate opener (shoutout to Denis for finding the necessary game event)
  • Added setting for maximum chat width
  • Added a way to reset numeric settings in the settings menu (by just leaving them blank)
  • Fixed flare not working when using autopilot approach
  • Increased brake strength when landing with autopilot approach
  • Added realistic runway names to VFR (runway highlighting) and added two missing airports
  • Fixed several autopilot approach paths that would lead straight into solid obstacles
  • Added autopilot approaches for Cape Carnival and VIP Island
  • Fixed spawn menu color button not changing the text when switching to the Presets tab
  • Added a workaround to make the terrible and only semi-solid runways at Cape Carnival solid and usable
  • Added /tpcwp to set a waypoint to a custom teleport location
  • Added clientside setting for players to individually disable random weather and make it permanently sunny (apparently some people are rocking rigs that can't handle rain)


  • Cleaned up and restructured some parts of the shared helper library
  • Replaced the old timer interval helper with a more efficient and clean one
  • Rewrote time based event module to be more efficient, accurate and maintainable
  • Added persisting of environment settings (time, weather, timestep) when reloading the module or restarting the server
  • Rewrote custom hitsync code for better performance and maintainability
  • Removed an unnecessary duplicate setting change for all non-default settings when reloading the settings module
  • Rewrote autopilot code for better performance and maintainability
  • Refactored VFR code for better performance and maintainability
  • Refactored the code for super dodging for better performance
  • Removed unnecessary duplicate logic from nearby player list code
  • Slightly improved performance of help menu initialization
  • Decreased performance impact of bombs when no bombs are active

Update 111

March 2020

April Fools Event

  • Added a special April Fools coordinator that would disable most server features and make sure the transition goes without interruptions
  • Added custom nametags for the event
  • Added custom speedometer with cruise control for the event
  • Added improved version of default_scripts killfeed for the event
  • Adjusted combat cooldowns for vanilla hitsync for the event
  • Added block for vanilla rocket launchers for the event
  • Added a chat workaround to make the default chat work for the event with the chat-based integrations used across the code
  • Added a custom goto feature for the event


  • Added /countryoptout to disable the display of once's origin country in F6 and the like
  • Fixed donor manager permissions (literally everyone was able to edit the donor list since January 23rd 2018 but only one person seems to have noticed)
  • Made /countries staff only again as it allows players to figure out the country of others who are opted out
  • Added /dg as an alias for /disguise (for those with tags)
  • Fixed combat cooldowns for teleporting to other players
  • Added cooldowns to /swp to prevent spam
  • Made players have to accept waypoints they were sent
  • Added /swp to all nearby players
  • Added /wpblock and /wpblockall to allow players to blacklist others from sending them waypoints
  • Added /pmblock to block PMs from individual players
  • Made cruise control less complicated and more precise
  • Added /event feature to allow staff members to execute events in a more organized way
  • Fixed messages queued up for the center information feed being skipped
  • Added /tuning (slightly modified version of the publicly available one)
  • Added block for using /drunk in vehicles that are on fire
  • Added custom damage entity for bombs ("bombed")
  • Blocked teleporting near the previous death location using custom TPs or player teleporting
  • Blocked teleporting into enemy faction bases
  • Added rainbow mode to under vehicle neon lights
  • Fixed description texts for buymenu vehicle submenus
  • Removed decals from some additional military vehicle by default (Maddox, Wilforce, Dalton, Leopard)
  • Added a decal selector to the buymenu vehicle colors tab
  • Overhauled setting menu code and changed how some setting types are displayed
  • Added support for rebinding keys in the settings menu more properly
  • Automatic AFK passive will no longer activate while a killstreak is active
  • Made headshot detection way more accurate
  • Removed all damage modifier zones on players except the head


  • Added more information to timed events (required for automatic April Fools event)
  • Fixed a duplicate initialization for the nearby player display
  • Added a way to manage time, weather and time progression from the console

Update 110

August 2019 - February 2020


  • Added /sit
  • Added boost block while a missile is locked on to the vehicle
  • Implemented /back for teleporting
  • Added maximum height for being able to use VTOL while not in passive
  • Added reset of combat cooldowns when inflicting damage
  • Lowered /repair combat cooldown to match vehicle respawn cooldown
  • Decreased revolver damage and slightly increased range
  • Re-implemented /jog as an official feature (rather than an undocumented gimmick)
  • Added instabrake block while using VTOL


  • Added a small check to wingsuit that makes it not error when physics are broken
  • Added a way to manage donors from the console
  • Added some logic to the server config file to make it easier and safer to run the dev server
  • Removed some unnecessary calculations from the bullet damage dropoff logic
  • Gave spawn protection a separate timer so it is independent from combat cooldowns
  • Rewrote and streamlined combat cooldown code

Update 109

June 2019 - July 2019


  • Added confirmation messages when toggling settings with commands (like /fp)
  • Added setting to toggle anti ragdoll
  • Disabled killstreaks for passive players
  • Increased faction inactivity start and inactivity base remove time by 7 days each

Update 108

May 2019


  • Added tachometer for speedo (disabled by default)
  • Added manual shifting to help
  • Added persistent storage of warp menu whitelist/blacklist all settings

Update 107

February 2019 - April 2019


  • Made /map persistent
  • Reduced damage and fire rate of F33 miniguns
  • Added an ugly proof of concept for manual shifting
  • Added combat cooldown for accepting warp requests
  • Added /blockvehicleexit
  • Fixed duplicate error message when using /tp during combat cooldown
  • Updated wording of the rules in F5 based on a suggestion


  • Fixed some rare bugs when switching between godmode and passive
  • Fixed the auto update of the GeoIP database

Update 106

November 2018 - January 2019


  • Added key-drop to websites replaced by alphie.de in names
  • Improved (and fixed) a few moderation tools
  • Added /jesus to help
  • Added cruise speed adjustment on the fly with + and -
  • Fixed a bug in cruise control when initially enabling it without defining a speed
  • Disabled block of non-ASCII characters in chat
  • Disabled unreliable filter for specific words in chat
  • Disabled easily outsmarted caps filter in chat
  • Disabled a debug output in chat link filter
  • Readded ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (since non-ASCII characters are allowed again)
  • Fixed vehicle jumping when using a controller
  • Made /report pass the command arguments to the textbox
  • Renamed Player Radar to Nearby Player List in settings
  • Made warpgui sort by whitelist state before name
  • Added block for being ejected from vehicles (like stopping upside down)
  • Added minimum speed to be able to drop Bering bombs
  • Added combat cooldown for switching from the driver position to stunt jump
  • Disabled Bering bombs when plane is on fire
  • Fixed small black box in the top left corner of the screen (was the report window)


  • Created a way to synchronously call functions in other modules (not in use yet)
  • Added safety check for vehicle existence in vehiclejumping
  • Added IsNaN safety check to killcam
  • Added multiple checks to suppress rare faction errors
  • Fixed some rare errors caused by using passive after godmode


  • Split Random Log Crap into three different log collections (Random, Random Tech Crap and Random Salt)

Update 105

October 2018


  • Added an info that the /report command does not take parameters
  • Fixed an issue where fixed vehicle spawns would never get respawned after being blown up
  • Added combat cooldown to /drunk


  • Improved /drunk code

Update 104

September 2018


  • Fixed boost and cruise control when in /hud
  • Added scrollbar for setting tabs with too many settings
  • Updated some minor parts of the help menu
  • Added /jog (temporarily, meant to be removed soon)
  • Added setting to toggle Ping/TPS in the top right corner
  • Fixed chat locking
  • Improved targeting behavior of SAM sites
  • Added /report
  • Added vehicle jumping for non-bike land vehicles and boats


  • Fixed the storage of empty ban reasons
  • Fixed a rare issue where the playerradar would be running twice
  • Debugged and simplified the distribution frameworks
  • Added a module to manage and execute webhooks (for example for Discord bots)
  • Added better alerting for code errors
  • Improved structure of the error logging module
  • Fixed a rare, hard to reproduce error related to achievement unlock messages
  • Added a helper to improve the performance and ease of offline player data lookups
  • Fixed another rare and hard to reproduce error related to nametag faction displaying
  • Added better alerting for server performance issues
  • Rewrote SAM code for better performance and maintainability
  • Decreased base server load by making several modules only perform periodic logic when necessary
  • Added, improved and fixed several staff tools


  • Improved reliability of the TeamSpeak server

Update 103

August 2018


  • Tweaked damage and range of regular and sawnoff shotguns
  • Slightly reduced headshot damage multiplier
  • Disabled weapon lasers for passive players
  • Fixed blocking of empty PMs
  • Improved next faction rename info text when the rename is available
  • Fixed faction vehicle count in GUI not resetting on faction switch
  • Made playerradar less prone to crash when physics are broken
  • Fixed centering of the stuck in loading screen help text
  • Fixed a typo in the faction inactivity notification on join
  • Split custom boost key settings into separate air and land/boat keys
  • Made the custom crosshair hide when the player is dead
  • Added a killcam that pans towards the killer after death (with setting, enabled by default)
  • Added persisting of the selected spawn menu vehicles
  • Added bomb proximity alerts


  • Switched to a new way of storing PMs
  • Fixed lots of issues with serializing data
  • Improved setting manager backend and data type handling
  • Added functionality to automatically run migrations when server is empty
  • Improved code and performance of faction member related operations
  • De-centralized calculation of player distances for better performance
  • De-centralized calculation of the aim target for better performance
  • Improved loading times of passive and waterwalk players from disk
  • Rewrote major parts of the moderation tool code to remove redundancy and complexity
  • Fixed an issue that could cause setting changes to happen twice
  • Added a check that should make missiles less prone to crash when physics are broken
  • Added external alerting for server errors
  • Fixed invalid warpgui modes being stored internally
  • Improved performance of distributed executors when idling
  • Used distributed executors in more places to reduce lag spikes

However, most of the coding this month was spent creating and testing a more convenient and possibly more performant way of storing data serverside. This is done now and all modules have been adjusted to make use of it. It is not a change any player will actually notice directly but it makes it much easier code-wise to persist data, which is beneficial for future coding.

Update 102

July 2018


  • Fixed automatic kicking of faction members
  • Fixed the door opener at the first door in the Kem Gunung Gurun supply depot


  • Cleaned up server memory benchmark code
  • Improved clientside teleport load order
  • Added generic module for performing complicated updates (migrations)

This time around I skipped listing a bunch of backend work that pretty much makes no sense to anyone, at least without a longer explanation. Basically, I spent most of the coding time in the past month planning and testing a new way of storing server related data that is both efficient and convenient (which turns out to be a rather big project/mess).

Don't worry, after that I might even go back to coding relevant stuff for the server. Maybe.

Update 101

June 2018


  • Added dirttrack2 and desertramps teleport locations


  • Prevented a rare issue with vehicle occupant nametags
  • Fixed a rare issue when opening the teleport menu
  • Fixed a rare issue when dealing bomb damage
  • Prevented yet another rare faction menu error
  • Added some more information to error logging

Update 100

May 2018


  • Made faction base heal blocking through hostiles in the base area more predictable
  • Changed faction base logic to ignore passive players in a base in terms of heal blocking and SAMs
  • Removed "enemy has entered base" message for faction bases
  • Added block when trying to (re)spawn a vehicle while a missile is locked on
  • Updated Staff Application section in the help
  • Added waypoint keeping over death
  • Added and removed shrug (due to chat restrictions further below) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Added manual VTOL tilting
  • Fixed several bugs and exploits in the spawn protection
  • Added directional indicators on the screen for damage and missiles
  • Removed the custom bloody screen in favour of the above
  • Fixed (Bering) bombs not damaging stunt jump passengers
  • Made several chat filters more aggressive
  • Changed C4 to automatically be disabled when dual wielding
  • Slightly improved visuals of C4 UI
  • Suppressed an error related to changing the rendered text font
  • Added combat cooldown reset when exiting a locked on vehicle
  • Very slightly adjusted visuals of M/F2 map items
  • Restricted global and local chat to basic latin alphabet and basic punctuation characters ONLY
  • Added filter for messages with too many capital letters
  • Added rounding of chat message lengths to prevent inconsistent horizontal spacing
  • Added the ability for factions to rename themselves once per month
  • Lowered SAM missile turn speed to decrease accuracy
  • Added word filter for player names
  • Added chat info for inactive factions when joining the server


  • Improved code behind performing actions for players in faction bases
  • Improved spawn protection code
  • Added function to turn a 3D position into a direction on the screen
  • Overhauled clock code for better performance and code quality
  • Overhauled center feed code for better performance and code quality
  • Overhauled feed code for better performance and code quality
  • Overhauled c4 code for better performance and code quality
  • Overhauled map code for better performance and code quality
  • Added a single line version of the data serializer


  • Added Discord notification for new changelogs
  • Fixed 500 errors when accessing non-existent logs at alphie.de/jc/logs
  • Fixed rather messed up logging for web application
  • Moved static web pages into web application
  • Improved web page templating; the HTML behind the pages is so pretty now <3
  • Fixed duplicate HTTP headers on web application pages

Update 99

April 2018


  • Added voice chat to the list of bad suggestions in F5
  • Added translation of country codes to country names (for example in F6)
  • Added automatic removal of fake staff tags
  • Fixed an issue where filtered player names (for example without fake tag) would not work
  • Fixed warpgui search bar (it broke when using special characters)
  • Added TS and Discord to F5 FAQ
  • Suppressed several clientside errors that occur when physics are broken
  • Suppressed several clientside errors that occur due to network unreliability
  • Suppressed error on M map load when the map asset is not found in the game
  • Fixed some more rarely occurring errors
  • Made crosshair red lighter
  • Slightly increased hitmarker duration
  • Added support for miniguns (mounted and handheld) to hitsync
  • Fixed duplicate removal of faction vehicles
  • Made spam filter mute messages only show in local chat when triggered there
  • Made (Bering) bombs mind spawn protection


  • Improved data serializer
  • Improved file dump and load wrappers
  • Added helper to display human readable short seconds
  • Removed duplicate faction base in bounds check
  • Rewrote old inefficient faction rank shifting logic
  • Added simple ways of running non-module Lua code

Update 98

March 2018


  • Added a combat cooldown for wingsuits
  • Made nametag components less shakey (relative to each other)
  • Made default nametag healthbar width static (noobs get confused with different lengths for different players)
  • Removed healthbars on passive players from default nametags
  • Changed AFK display style for default nametags
  • Removed some nametag settings
  • Added competitive nametag style
  • Added automatic passive after being AFK for a bit
  • Added small un-AFK delay after going AFK via the command
  • Added setting to toggle colored chat messages for nearby chat
  • Slightly reduced amount of color in colored nearby chat
  • Measured all runway corners again for VFR (some were quite inaccurate)
  • Applied boost cooldown for cruise boosting
  • Applied boost cooldown for controller boosting
  • Added custom areas where no faction bases can be placed for each TP location (some TPs allow bases now)
  • Added setting to toggle 3D teleport location texts
  • Added checks to several modules to avoid them breaking when a player destroys physics
  • Increased bering bomb radius
  • Removed Covering appearance category (merged into Head)


  • Refactored AFK code (was only very slightly changed ever since it was initially implemented in 2014)
  • Separated global minimap blip code from nametag/nearblip code
  • Spread nametag code across multiple files for easier handling and variable scope
  • Added error logging module to track clientside errors
  • Made HUD branding render subscribe only on demand
  • Made the stronghold door opener use ShapeTriggers for better performance
  • Improved anti ragdoll code structure
  • Refactored VFR code for better performance and code quality
  • Created a helper to handle setting based event subscriptions (so that less unneeded code is executed)
  • Created data serializer (will be required for future storage improvements)
  • Refactored teleport code
  • Improved cancerous way of parsing the buymenu configuration
  • Split clientside buymenu code into encapsulated components

As you probably noticed, this month I tried splitting it up into two categories. Now before anyone gets upset about the actual meaning of these words, here's what they mean to me in the changelog: Frontend changes are changes directly noticeable by players and Backend changes are indirect changes no player will ever notice without knowing.

Also, and I know it sounds incredible, I skipped some of the backend changes this time around. I am not sure whether to go for a full list or a relevant only list.

Update 97

February 2018

  • Changed some help and onscreen texts to use gender neutral wording
  • Fixed a permission check bug that broke several staff commands

Also, the server has been rebooted on the 8th of February for a kernel update.

Update 96

January 2018

  • Fixed an issue with storing empty values
  • Cleared a bunch of stored values that were meant to be empty but were not
  • Made /stats write to disk periodically so they are not lost on a server crash
  • Made bombs account for godmode
  • Hotfixed an issue with the faction GUI when factions are reloaded
  • Overhauled the entire permission system
  • Adjusted all affected modules to the new permission system
  • Fixed an error when trying to spawn a buymenu vehicle on the Colors tab
  • Fixed disabling neons of offline players
  • Added a mitigation for a specific type of server attack

While the attacks that turned the server into a lag fest in the first half of the month are now mitigated reliably, the server will still disappear from the server browser when under attack. You can however always quick connect to jc2.alphie.de whenever it is not in there.

Fun side fact: the filter for the attacks has already processed 90 gigabytes of traffic since it was added about mid-January. Over 98% of those were filtered out.

Update 95

December 2017

  • Improved serverside console info verbosity
  • Fixed a broken script to reduce memory usage serverside
  • Fixed console word wrapping with leading whitespace
  • Added protection against spawning faction vehicles too far above the ground
  • Fixed the automatic resetting of faction inactivity when they are active again
  • Improved the auto faction cleanup code
  • Disallowed the creation of factions with the same name as another in different capitalization
  • Started storing the initial names and original creators of factions (this is not shown anywhere yet)
  • Added additional indices on the faction databases for faster query speed
  • Added a staff command to remove all base vehicles of a faction
  • Refactored the buymenu item configuration and code
  • Deleted a lot of old broken entries from the buymenu appearances database table
  • Fixed a big serverside performance issue when writing to storages
  • Added a batch job framework so that longer running operations don't interfere with the normal gameplay anymore
  • Refactored the code behind custom camera views for better performance and maintainability
  • Improved custom camera view behavior in combination with first person and custom bike/turret views
  • Moved custom bike camera further away from the bike
  • Improved the module monitoring system code
  • Slightly optimized player radar code
  • Improved code behind global player positions for better performance
  • Removed a duplicate position check when moving faction bases
  • Overhauled the faction base distance code which seems to have lead to a noticeable framerate increase
  • Slightly optimized the waterwalk code (once again)
  • Fixed storage of empty weapon slots
  • Restructured buymenu appearance code for better performance
  • Refactored most of the chat code for better performance, especially when the chat is active
  • Added a Global chat tab
  • Changed the tab assignments of some types of chat messages
  • Removed the message backlog limit of the chat
  • Increased the chat scroll speed for both the mouse wheel and the page up/down buttons
  • Made warp and AFK messages self-removing
  • Fixed healthbars for vehicle passengers
  • Improved the code behind the stronghold door opener
  • Distributed ping gathering of the playerlist to reduce spikes
  • Changed the default size of the donor management window
  • Distributed distance calculations of minimap blips to reduce spikes
  • Added undervehicle neon lights for donors and staff
  • Fixed an issue where firing at a vehicle would not immediately trigger the combat cooldown
  • Added gathering of a few misc statistics (can be shown with /stats)
  • Moved donation info website into help menu (Donate tab)
  • Created a system to add temporary info messages to the chat on join
  • Made the automatic changelog parser add one of those chat infos for 2 days when a new changelog goes live
  • Changed Bering bombs to use calculated damage (instead of effect based) to make them more powerful and allow for kills to properly detect
  • Reduced amount of Bering bombs per "clip" by half and doubled the drop delay to compensate for improved damage and radius
  • Fixed an issue with putting negative durations into the human readable time formatting
  • Fixed an issue with setting the world's timestep to automatic
  • Fixed ghost minimap blips
  • Fixed several issues with a moderation system
  • Fixed an issue issues where a badly timed event could cause factions to crash clientside
  • Updated the code length in the help coding credits tab
  • Added a few more infos to /vi and made the output a little prettier
  • Added a paragraph on faction issues to the help chat tab
  • Added /noshootplz as alias for /passive (and /pvp and /peaceful and all the other passive commands)
  • Added an upper limit for the cruise control speed to counter a game-breaking exploit

I can imagine this changelog is not the easiest read. A lot of stuff was done the last month and I felt like I should be a little more detailed about the changes this time around. No worries though, these kinds of changelogs are not supposed to become a standard.

Update 94

November 2017

  • Locked the Razorback stunt position for passive players to avoid abusing the resulting gun targeting issue in combat
  • Optimized GeoIP lookup
  • Added a new module to handle player tags, colors and icons and improved the way those are distributed
    • This meant that a lot of other modules had to be adjusted to the new behavior, including replacing functions to get player colors and names everywhere
    • It required a migrator script to roll this out on the server without any interferences
  • Distributed an old monolith module onto other modules for better maintainability
  • Removed A LOT of unnecessary object value changes, resulting in less performance wasted into processing those
    • To make this possible, I had to create a module that allows me to monitor all value changes
  • Fixed the playerlist search bar
  • Stored the help menu contents in a more convenient way for editing
  • Added a Suggestions category to the help
  • Put some actual content into the Staff help category
  • Optimized the countdown code
  • Buffed revolver damage
  • Airgun hits do not count towards the combat cooldown anymore
  • Changed relative position when you warp to someone to the front-left, rather than straight in front
  • Fixed the list sorting algorithm, meaning numbers are now sorted properly (for example in the playerlist)
  • Overhauled and restructured the boost, instabrake and planereverse code
  • Added Bering Bombs
    • It is powered by a new bombs provider module which I had to create beforehand
    • It required some adjustments to other modules to allow blocking it in VTOL and when instabraking
  • Aggregated and optimized clientside hitsync code
  • Added automatic boosting when the cruise control speed is above the vehicle's top speed
  • Changed the way the logviewer stores logs internally for vastly decreased performance impact

Update 93

October 2017

  • Fixed an issue where the faction base spawn setting was not reset after the faction is removed
  • Added faction base names on hover to the F2/M map
  • Included /sky and /space in TP locks
  • Increased teleporting combat cooldowns from 12 to 18 seconds
  • Added rule against combat teleport abuse
  • Fixed a bug where donors could be added twice
  • Slightly improved text display of staff log viewer
  • Added UTC offset to staff logs
  • Included /down and /up in combat cooldowns and TP locks
  • Improved a lot of player position/distance, render and aim related code
  • Changed buymenu rocket launcher text to "no ammo required" ... maybe more people will get it now
  • Used the new distributor mechanism to check for mute, passive lock etc. timeouts
  • Readded rain to randomized weather
  • Randomized weather change interval
  • Added /factions for those people incapable of pressing their F7 key (yes, apparently that is an issue)

Also, if I managed to fix a permission issue, there should now be an automatic announcement on the server when a new changelog goes live.

Update 92

September 2017

  • Slightly rebalanced handheld launcher missile stats
  • Created separate module for spawn protection and improved its reliability
  • Added offline/SteamID targeting functionality to several staff commands
  • Added confirmation press for leaving factions
  • Refactored missile code to make it more efficient and maintainable
  • Added a slight bloody screen when hit
  • Added buymenu color preset functionality
  • Improved crosshair on bikes
  • Separated the donor system from the regular permission system
  • Added framework to distribute big code executions over time
  • Added an automatic announcement on the server when a new changelog goes live

Update 91

August 2017

  • Added some more cancerous pages to be replaced by alphie.de in player names
  • Updated F8 description of the C4 setting
  • Made the passive and waterwalk UI indicators obey /hud
  • Added check to the warp poof effect to hopefully reduce some crashes related to it
  • Added spawn protection on initial join (before exiting the loading screen)
  • Added target leading functionality to missiles
  • Made SAM missiles and ground vehicle directed rocket launcher missiles use target leading
  • Massively overhauled rocket launcher code and UI appearance
  • Made missiles self-destruct on target loss

Update 90

July 2017

  • Improved weather randomization
  • Overhauled customtp backend and added combat cooldowns
  • Massively overhauled storage and caching of persistent data for faster, easier and more flexible data storage
  • Added new nametag style, overhauled nametags code and adjusted the settings accordingly
  • Decreased overall text size of the feed, chat, player radar and the clock
  • Fixed yet another passive firing exploit
  • Added system to replace shitty websites in player names with mine
  • Added system to highlight imposters trying to use specific staff member's names
  • Added a basic faction chat spam protection
  • Added static help text above the chat
  • Removed the top info bar
  • Added new displays for passive and waterwalk state
  • Moved faction in-base texts further up and slightly lowered overall text size
  • Fixed an exploit in factions that allowed to bypass the R5 count restriction
  • Added progress/count bar for faction base vehicles
  • Improved chat message filters and added new ones
  • Improved listings in the chat like /tp, /friends etc
  • Overhauled randomized respawn code
  • Added /wps as an alias for /swp
  • Improved the reliability of chat argument parsing

I skipped a bunch of changes for moderating systems and specific stuff which is not relevant or even comprehensive to anyone but me. This is done in every changelog but this time it was actually quite a bunch so I wanted to mention it.

I also found a better solution for the backups that occur every night and used to cause very major lag spikes on the server (which we can blame on JC2MP servers and their way of using synchronous disk I/O in single threaded server logic, as well as the lovely software raid on the host that runs the JC server). From now on, the backups should not be noticeable at all anymore which is why I also removed the automated announcements.

Update 89

June 2017

  • Added help category for donating
  • Fixed an issue with leading whitespaces in chat word wrap
  • Added feed messages for higher killstreaks ending even when not killed by a player
  • Added VTOL combat cooldown to counter people who exploit it in combat
  • Improved crosshair behavior when zoomed in or not (especially with scope weapons)
  • Cleaned up setting manager code and made radio buttons work more reliably
  • Replaced the Pell and Traceline in the buymenu by their fully upgraded versions
  • Added Bullseye rifle to one-handed weapon slots
  • Played through the singleplayer again to properly categorize and name player models in the buymenu
  • Fixed chat maintaining the current scroll position when scrolled in and a new message comes in
  • Added feed message for killstreaks ending through going into passive
  • Reworked the delaycompensator (or aimhelper in the settings) to be more useful again
  • Overhauled the SAM animation (it was fairly borked and ugly since 0.3)
  • Changed the camera offset when in a mounted vehicle gun
  • Added limit of 250 members max per faction
  • Added /dtc
  • Overhauled the settings backend to make it less chaotic and unreliable
  • Made big amounts of text in GUI windows (help, factions) not tank the framerate anymore
  • Added progress bar for faction base size in the faction info tab
  • Fixed symmetry in several faction menu tabs
  • Added a much more reliable solution to block passive hijacking
  • Spent several days micro optimizing performance hungry modules
  • Disabled custom vehicle camera zoom when the mouse is visible
  • Fixed /f basespawn
  • Improved respawning of vehicles damaged by the custom hitsync
  • Added a hitmarker holdoff time for the crosshair (to make it less flickery)
  • Fixed a very specific error where a changed boost key would make the module crash
  • Disabled rain for now (too many people always complaining about low framerates on their potato PCs)
  • Disabled faction vehicle add/mark/remove buttons when no base is set
  • Added help category about staff
  • Made alphud AGL height more accurate (But only works sub 1km now)
  • Slightly enlarged boost/instabrake button info text
  • Fixed chat scroll bug when scrolled to the far top
  • Added automatic updating of the faction browser when a faction leader changes his name
  • Fixed several broken lists in the chat that made it very wide
  • Made freecam staff only

On top of that of course all the unnoticeable backend/code changes as well as specific staff/moderation tool changes and additions.

I have also revamped the staff structure quite a bit and in the process, we rebalanced many moderation tools across the different moderator tiers and added a bunch of new moderation tools.

And the web feed now has an automatic reconnect mechanism so that it does not just silently stop doing anything when it loses connection.

Update 88

May 2017

  • Decreased amount of base heal
  • Switched /eta to the pretty time output
  • Fixed accidental wingsuit deploying at low framerates
  • Split help into more categories
  • Slightly updated server rules
  • Slightly nerfed PM spam filter
  • Added killstreak tracking
  • Improved code of rendered elements around the chat
  • Added scroll and tab switch info text below the chat
  • Fixed faction browser inactivity tooltip reset
  • Improved appearance and scaling of the "Hidden On Map" text
  • Updated code length in the coding credits help tab
  • Increased width of the F8 input boxes
  • Overhauled the chat backend
  • Improved chat wrapping functions
  • Made wingsuit a little faster and improved stalling
  • Added HTML escaping for the web feed
  • Updated the server to the latest version (0.3.0)

The server update ended a nice uninterrupted application uptime of over 1440 hours (60 days). Link to the update notes: https://www.jc-mp.com/forums/index.php/topic,6073.0.html

The chat backend overhaul will probably not have any noticeable effect on the players as it mostly just improved the way the chat operates behind the scenes. However, it greatly improved the web feed as it now feeds it with completely unmodified global chat messages (which was the reason I initially committed to the overhaul) so it now does not lack several kinds of global chat messages and stuff like staff icons anymore.

Also as another backend note: I used the forced downtime for the update to also roll out a self-written supervisor program I created for JC2MP servers. This should have pretty much zero effect on the players but for the backend, this is a huge improvement compared to the combination of bash and tmux that was used before. It also allows for some fancy new possibilities for me to interact with the server's console.

Update 87

April 2017

  • Improved crosshair colors
  • Changed delaycompensator description in the settings menu
  • Slightly improved global colors (confirmation, error, ...)
  • Changed a few chat colors
  • Removed green X when trying to fire in passive
  • Fixed crosshair symmetry and added proper shadowing for diagonal lines
  • Fixed /sendtp not recognizing teleport names
  • Fixed a typo in the help entry for /f baseinfo
  • Added static cooldown to player teleporting
  • Fixed /f baseinfo for ally factions
  • Improved the internal use of the feed and center feed
  • Introduced new time handling and syntax for staff commands
  • Lowered default night time speedup
  • Fixed crosshair grapple indicator behavior when targeting vehicles
  • Added minimap blips and fuel indicators for locked on missiles
  • Updated feed position and size in favor of the parachute thruster UI and the player radar
  • Overhauled player radar
  • Slightly decreased minimap blip sizes
  • Improved planereverse force
  • Slightly improved speedometer colors
  • Added crosshair style setting to the settings menu
  • Improved settings menu design and fixed some issues in the code
  • Added PM spam filter
  • Fixed behavior when chatting in the PM and faction chat tab
  • Added /f ban command to allow banning non-members
  • Added PM deafen command
  • Altered amount of allowed custom TPs per player to 15
  • Slightly tightened the chat text wrap
  • Added another staff notification system
  • Changed /vi primary color
  • Added some missing commands to the help menu and re-ordered it a bit
  • Improved internal handlers for chat messages
  • Overhauled player appearance code to increase performance and maintainability
  • Re-coded wingsuit with tighter code and different speed calculation
  • Added a check to GameRender events to prevent possible client module crashes
  • Increased help menu text size and cleaned up the front page a bit
  • Stopped passive firing block text from showing up when using the PDA or when loading
  • Added measures to counter more freefire exploits of the custom rocket launchers

And since I read a decent amount of bullshit regarding the new wingsuits: no, they are not "nerfed". But unlike before, the speed for those does not come out of nowhere (which is why they are not under combat cooldown anymore) but it has to be gained by descending. It also does not last forever anymore when flying straight and instead decreases, especially when flying upwards.

I also spent a lot of time this month creating a proper supervisor for the server that redirects the output and can be daemonized. For anyone on the server, there is no gain from this other than that due to the proper daemonization, the server will instantly restart when the host does. On the backend side though, this is a nice improvement and gives me some room for a few cool things.

Update 86

March 2017

  • Removed bottom aligned speedo double shadowing
  • Made clock y position relative
  • Added outgoing UDP socket (used for live feed website)
  • Slightly changed light blue highlight color
  • Reverted some useless buymenu decals to default
  • Added combat block for instabrake
  • Improved plane reverse
  • Added spam protection for faction server handlers
  • Fixed issues with the crosshair being off by one pixel at certain resolutions
  • Fixed re-entering vehicles from stunt when passive
  • Fixed faction base vehicle list randomly being empty

Update 85

February 2017

  • Increased maximum range for hit detection to 1km
  • Replicated vanilla plane behavior for crosshair
  • Added buymenu subcategory info text labels
  • Improved crosshair behavior for certain vehicles
  • Replaced Rocket/MG Hedge by fully upgraded one in buymenu
  • Added onscreen text when getting killed
  • Prevented muted players from starting countdowns
  • Fixed several faction rank restrictions for kicking, banning and rank change
  • Fixed custom rocket launcher exploit
  • Reogranized faction command handler backend
  • Added different crosshair visual during reload
  • Increased spawn protection from 5 to 8 seconds
  • Added basic horizontal VTOL rotation
  • Fixed VTOL boosting exploit
  • Fixed crosshair behavior in stunt jump
  • Fixed faction vehicle removing and marking
  • Fixed faction diplomacy tags
  • Improved reliability of initial faction data by aggregating it
  • Overhauled faction permission code and fixed an exploit
  • Fixed faction renaming player value update

Update 84

January 2017

  • Fixed an issue with the custom camera views in certain game states
  • Made hitmarker red
  • Improved behavior and syntax of /global and /local (/g /l) commands
  • Overhauled the admin module backend entirely
  • Added GeoIP resolving and added country column to playerlist
  • Added proper time zones to tempban kick messages
  • Migrated waterwalk to the cached database (forgot this during the actual migration)
  • Added inactivity start time tooltip to the faction browser
  • Improved faction date and time formatting
  • Fixed new faction leader finding algorithm
  • Overhauled behavior of hiding and showing faction window tabs
  • Fixed faction diplomacy not being reset in the GUI on faction leave
  • Fixed faction member list sorting on rank change
  • Added automatic kick of players from their faction when they are perma banned from the server
  • Added height offset for the Quapaw to fix its spawning via the buymenu
  • Fixed broken faction member inactivity kick
  • Slightly buffed weapon ranges

Update 83

December 2016

  • Disabled laser sights for bubble gun
  • Added anti ragdoll
  • Fixed local chat behavior
  • Added staff commands to check player’s first and last join times
  • Changed several rendered texts to different fonts
  • Moved infofeed higher
  • Changed bottom aligned speedo appearance
  • Increased the stream distance 4-fold
  • Enlarged wingsuit speedo size
  • Switched position calculation of several modules for better performance
  • Fixed faction base distance caching for increased performance
  • Improved nametag fading and scaling yet again
  • Improved playerlist sorting and sort performance
  • Improved waterwalk platform removing
  • Overhauled banmanager code and added support for SteamID banning
  • Improved hitmarker behavior and delay
  • Added hitmarkers for melee and any kill
  • Fixed static passive cooldown
  • Added setting to toggle the info feed
  • Overhauled permission manager backend
  • Readded rocket launchers as vehicle lockon only
  • Improved missile targeting and hit detection
  • Made buymenu spawn weapons with full clips on join
  • Buffed mounted vehicle MG and minigun damage
  • Fixed hiding of TP location texts with VFR enabled
  • Improved firing of game events to reduce crashes
  • Improved crosshair grapple range indicator and added size limitations
  • Added monitoring of module status
  • Fixed vehicle invulnerability reset on passive driver exit

I also finally got around to finally creating a proper and less bureaucratic manual for the JC2 staff, so at least the basic guidelines and punishments for standard rule offenses are documented.

I am also FINALLY down to currently 4 tasks left to code. I mean, I will keep getting crazy ideas and bugs will come up to fix but this is the lowest it has been in months or even years for me. I could in fact finish it off in a weekend but since I did a damn lot of coding last week, I need to relax a bit again.

Update 82

November 2016

  • Blocked C4 usage for dead players
  • Slightly changed local chat appearance
  • Slightly changed welcome messages and ad rotation
  • Overhauled new-faction-leader algorithm
  • Improved faction data caching for better server performance
  • Completely renewed faction auto removal algorithm with new parameters
  • Added special role for rank 5 faction members
  • Fixed breaking chat tabs when switching factions
  • Disabled unnecessary faction base vehicle reloading to save performance
  • Various smaller serverside faction performance improvements
  • Added custom crosshair
  • Lowered faction base heal
  • Overhauled the stronghold door opener
  • Changed some chat icons
  • Fixed missile launch position offset
  • Fixed missile turn radius limit
  • Rebalanced SAM missile parameters
  • Updated godtool missiles with the new parameters
  • Fixed a bug where faction leaders could demote themselves
  • Added custom rocket launchers - they will not be enabled because they are too exploitable right now
  • Removed rocket launchers from the buymenu

Update 81

October 2016

  • Removed rocket launchers from single handed weapon slots
  • Disabled faction base SAM targeting of players on parachuting
  • Added a module as cache and abstraction layer for the database and integrated it into several modules
  • Removed setting to toggle vehicle healthbars and removed the separate healthbar for vehicles
  • Added /friends command
  • Added cooldown to faction diplomacy changes
  • Added search bar for faction member management page
  • Removed SteamID columns in faction manager
  • Fixed custom hitsync vehicle firing with controller
  • Improved wingsuit speedometer
  • Fixed a bug that allowed respawning at the death location
  • Added inactivity info to rendered faction base texts
  • Lowered burning vehicle damage divisor
  • Increased limits of chat height setting
  • Changed several buymenu vehicle decals
  • Removed most of the custom loading screen
  • Stopped VTOL from smashing planes into the ground (twice)
  • Changed indentation to two char soft tabs in all script files
  • Fixed removal of buymenu appearance objects on reload
  • Buffed several weapons, equalized bone modifiers
  • Added Godtool teleporting
  • Added additional hit indicator effects for custom hitsync damage
  • Fixed passive collision disable for passive on join
  • Removed bubble gun exception for passive firing to stop the passive firing exploit

And the usual code improvements and not mentioned bugfixes …

Update 80

September 2016

  • Added custom hitsync
  • Massively overhauled VTOL backend
  • Changed hitmarker appearance
  • Improved lasersight code
  • Added diplomacy text to 3D faction base texts
  • Added button to check faction base position availability
  • Added respawn protection
  • Added local chat tab
  • Added names to faction diplomacy logs
  • Changed double chat message blocker to triple
  • Added block for combat boosting

And the usual code improvements and bugfixes and real minor stuff.

Update 79

August 2016

  • Added vertical fade for chat messages
  • Overhauled infofeed code, improved fading, fixed single-frame bug
  • Added grouped nametags for vehicles and their passengers
  • Added player IDs to chat messages for staff
  • Added profanity filters to faction names and chat messages
  • Readded /vi command (vehicle info)
  • Fixed minimum distance calculation between faction bases and TPs
  • Added chat wrap for kick/ban messages (long reasons)
  • Modified various buymenu vehicle entries, readded (mostly obsolete) ones
  • Vastly overhauled buymenu appearance offsets and code
  • Lowered max base size, slightly changed base size algorithm
  • Overhauled faction code with a focus on the settings
  • Improved freecam movement to get rid of the frame-dependent speed
  • Added weapon laser sights
  • Readded custom loading screen (sort of work in progress)
  • Re-scheduled periodic checks to ease hourly server freezes
  • Made chat messages and buymenu vehicles reload-persistent
  • Decreased small lag spikes caused by unnecessary playerlist/warpgui sorting

And as usual, lots of bugfixes and code improvements nobody will ever notice …

Update 78

July 2016

  • Overhauled countdown code (now includes info about the initiator)
  • Reverted /remveh respawn behavior to prevent a game crashing bug
  • Overhauled melee code, replaced vehicle damage by vehicle knockback
  • Slightly decreased night time speedup
  • Overhauled godtool code, split into active and passive scripts, added orbital missiles and SAM lock
  • Added SuperDodge
  • Fixed a module crashing missile bug
  • Added synced faction base SAM sites
  • Removed staff tag from join/leave feed for friends
  • Fixed auto scroll-down bug for non-main chat tabs
  • Added logging for time/weather/timestep changes
  • Fixed last_active faction member value not being updated
  • Added hitmarker fading
  • Added teleport menu fading
  • Fixed a clientside error for faction leader changes
  • Added fading and other minor improvements to the map
  • Improved inputblocker to only block mouse inputs
  • Altered deletion time of faction logs from 3 to 7 days
  • Added syntax info to command error messages
  • Overhauled faction command handler code and fixed minor bugs
  • Added distance caching for faction bases, player positions and jesus platforms to vastly increase performance
  • Fixed single-frame chat bug caused by self-removing messages
  • Fixed single-frame infofeed bug caused by negative alpha values
  • Fixed teleport menu submenu names
  • Started overhauling the CustomTP code

Update 77

May-June 2016

  • Added alphabetical sorting to WarpGUI
  • Added combat cooldowns for teleporting
  • Added self-removing chat messages (confirmations, errors, …)
  • Fixed a major faction base heal bug
  • Disabled automatic help opening on join
  • Slightly lowered buymenu combat cooldowns
  • Lowered faction base vehicle respawn time
  • Lowered faction inactivity threshold to 21 days
  • Added Godtool vehicle removal
  • Added inactive faction member auto kick
  • Added faction descriptions
  • Fixed missing faction entries in faction browser (and a bug related to that)
  • Added closing asterisk to /me messages
  • Vastly improved server performance around faction base queries
  • Allowed Bering and Zhejang as faction base vehicles
  • Added wingsuit combat cooldown
  • Improved reliability of the hijackblocker
  • Fixed minimum distance between faction bases to prevent overlapping
  • Improved map player highlighting
  • Altered chat message buffer to 500 messages
  • Added synced missile framework
  • Added Godtool missiles
  • Vastly improved waterwalk code and fixed several bugs
  • Added setting descriptions to settings window
  • Added minimap blip settings

Update 76

April 2016

  • Admin, Banmanager: Added checks to prevent moderation commands against one-self or other staff, added more logging and staff chat infos
  • Betterchat: Implemented chat icons for console chat, slightly increased chat width
  • Commands: Implemented anti-abuse check for /fix, disabled /killcar
  • Delaycompensator: Fixed ping request timer
  • Devconsole: Improved serverside prints
  • Factions: Lots of backend debugging
  • Framework: Critical time event timer fix
  • Passive: Added additional static timer, lowered initial SQL query load
  • Randomspawn: Renamed to spawn and integrated faction base spawning to fix an uncaught respawn case
  • Vehiclemanager: Overhauled the random color and camo generation, fixed several bugs, overhauled parts of the code
  • Waterwalk: Lowered the platform height (to make it less murderous for boats) and added exceptions for the height for specific vehicles (like bikes)

Update 72

April 2016

  • Autorun: Added word wrapper functions and a few other useful helpers
  • Autopilot: Updated to latest version
  • Banmanager: Added /bans command, cleaned/improved code
  • Basics: Added cooldown script, cleaned console info script
  • Betterchat: Added word wrap, overhauled the AddMessage process
  • Buymenu: Integrated cooldown, added automatic ammo refill
  • Commands: Removed /vi
  • CustomTP: Fixed a really old typo
  • Factions: Added minimum member count for factions, added ‘faclogs’ console command
  • Help: Overhauled the content, added /faq command
  • Map: Integrated new non-streamed position sync
  • Misc: Overhauled/fixed hijackblocker (only for passive)
  • Nametags: Switched to new non-streamed position sync
  • Passive: Made the code more efficient
  • Randomspawn: Fixed a bug where non-staff would respawn where they died
  • Teleporting: Fixed/improved /tp output
  • WarpGUI: Improved GUI, added blacklist all option
  • Wingsuit: Added (customized code)

Update 71

December 2015

  • Betterchat: Doubled chat buffer
  • Commands: Broke and fixed /killcar permissions, strongly altered /heal and /fix cooldowns, removed some unnessecary stuff
  • Factions: Massive security update (faction passwords are now SHA256 encrypted and not in every client’s RAM anymore)
  • Infofeed: Code cleanup
  • Nametags: Added alternative nametag style, modified fading again, changed (reduced?) broadcasted player data
  • Permissions: Massive code cleanup
  • Vehiclemanager: Added debugging prints for a specific issue

Of course, minor bugfixes and several small changes are not listed.

Update 70

November 2015

An “official” changelog is definately way past due, so I will just toss this one out right now. Due to the insane amount of changes (last changelog came out in September!), I will keep this one really clean and try to include only noticeable changes and not all the technical overhauls and minor debugs/tweaks.

  • Autorun: Overhauled chat output functions, overhauled PosToCamo
  • Admin: Overhauled /remveh to avoid removal of fixed spawned cars
  • Basics: Several 0.2 overhauls, moved killfeed and joinleave here, added console TPS and player SteamID/IP output
  • Betterchat: 0.2 changes, added block for sending the same chat message twice, added hard-coded initial messages
  • Buymenu: Added pedestrian player models
  • Centerfeed: Added (rendered text in the center of the screen, accessible by all modules)
  • Commands: Same ajustments for /killcar as for /remveh
  • Factions: Overhauled base rendering, added faction vehicle anti-theft, quite some debugging
  • Freecam: Minor overhaul, ajusted controls
  • Godtool: 0.2 overhaul (laser, player force)
  • Help: Rule overhaul, bugfixes
  • Hitmarker: Now plays effect when firing at passive players
  • Infofeed: Added (replacement for joinleave/killfeed, accessible by all modules)
  • Map: Added friend highlighting
  • Melee: Uses new damage event for players now (thus shows up in the killfeed)
  • Nametags: 0.2 debugging, improved broadcasted player data
  • Passive: Added fading for passive X on aim
  • Playerradar: Added (disabled by default)
  • Settings: Added/removed/renamed some settings
  • Speedo: Switched to clientside boost/instabrake/planereverse
  • Sync: Added player value for friends
  • Teleporting: 3D teleport text rendering, important bugfix
  • Vehiclemanager: 0.2 vehicle color fix, fully randomized colors, semi randomized camos
  • VFR: Switched to 3D rendering

Update 69

September 2015

  • Admin: Added /forcepassive and /forcejesus (beta)
  • Basics: Added achievementblocker (for 0.2 already)
  • Delaycompensator: Now also works for vehicles (still beta)
  • Factions: Solved the issue of leaderless factions by adding a second check that automatically assigns a leader for leaderless factions

Asides from that just a bunch of minor minor tweaks and bugfixes.

Update 68

September 2015

  • Buymenu: Does not allow spawning vehicles when having 0 health anymore
  • C4: Can not be placed when in freecam anymore
  • Factions: Removed merge conflict relicts
  • Permissions: Removed merge conflict relicts
  • Settings: Removed merge conflict relicts
  • Speedo: Bugfix
  • Vehiclemanager: Bugfix, addition of three console infos

Update 67

September 2015

  • Admin: Fixed moderator tempban permission bug
  • Banmanager: Bugfix (error on tempban unbanning due to using the wrong function)
  • Basics: Minor improvement to the console date
  • Buymenu: No longer closes on death (a blocking of vehicle spawn while dead will be added in the next update)
  • Delaycompensator: Added (beta)
  • Factions: Lots of debugging, nerfed base heal
  • Freecam: Moved to own module, overhauled (ajustable speed, controller support, debugging)
  • Godtool: Bugfix (crashing due to missing nil check)
  • Nametags: Lowered player broadcast interval (for map and minimap) from 2.5 to 1.5 seconds
  • Permissions: Bugfix (player chat icon not taken on permission removal)
  • Playerlist: Bugfix (mouse not disappearing on window close via X button)
  • Settings: Added support for serverside settings, bugfix (buttons not saving)


  • Lockchat: The command locks the global chat to anyone but staff, until it is unlocked again. We have had situations lately where the chat was literally so busy, it was hard to keep track of anything. This could be used to calm it down.
  • Delaycompensator: This draws a circle for every player on the screen that compensates for the ping and bullet speed delay. It is still fairly unaccurate and essentially just a little experiment of mine. It is toggleable and defaults to off.

Update 66

September 2015

  • Autopilot: Added new release (with slight modifications)
  • Factions: Minor debug
  • Godtool: Added blue laser eyes
  • Passive: Added godmode (dev command)
  • Playerlist: Added faction row

Update 65

July 2015

  • Betterchat: Now resizeable via settings menu
  • Clock: Removed minimum screen height requirement
  • Factions: FINALLY FIXED THE NEW LEADER ALGORITHM! Also, faction bases are toggleable now (only UI)
  • Map: Small bugfix
  • Settings: Added chat height and faction base UI settings

PS: Nope, no votekick yet. Might do it tomorrow.

Update 64

July 2015

  • Autorun: Added Ban() and Unban() redirectors
  • Admin: Took out everything non-essential and the ban management
  • Banmanager: This is where the ban management went, completely overhauled
  • Basics: Logger now logs SteamIDs on join/leave
  • Commands: This is where the non-essentials and dev commands went
  • Factions: Tons of debugging, lots of polishing
  • Permissions: GUI fanciness improvement


  • The insane amount of changes is just due to the fact I renamed all script files after a new convention
  • Yet again, I changed .gitignore. If this is not removed now, I will actually remove the wildcard

Update 63

July 2015

  • Globals: Added function to convert seconds into hours, minutes and seconds
  • Admin: Bugfix
  • Autopilot: Added new autopilot version
  • Betterchat: Bugfixes
  • C4: Ajustments for new render raycast
  • Factions: A lot of debugging
  • Godtool: Ajustments for new render raycast
  • Helpitems: Added rule against hacking (was not there before)
  • Hitmarker: Added passive hitmarker
  • Misc: Fixed turred third person for FP
  • Passive: Now shows green X when aiming at a passive, technical improvements
  • Playerlist: Bugfix
  • Sync: Bugfix (this could avoid the constant server crashing when people join)
  • Warpgui: Bugfix
  • Waterwalk: Added command alias

Update 62 - Aftermath Debugging

July 2015

  • Buymenu: Now unavailable when 0 HP (anti troll)
  • DBUpdater: Removed (Fullfilled its purpose. Or not.)
  • Factions: Debugging orgy
  • Hitmarker: Removed the MLP hitmarker (awwww)
  • Melee: Added two error prevention checks
  • Passive: Fixed loading the state from the database
  • Settings: Fixed setting commands
  • Waterwalk: Fixed command (forgot to add the server file … oops)

Update 61 - The Final Update

July 2015

Main changes

  • Autorun: Updated and improved all player name, color, permission and setting requests
  • Admin: Added /up, disabled /space stacking, added /sky aliases /skai and /skye
  • Basics: Added as a collection of 99% stable main scripts; added /hud watermark, added new render events, added a “stuck in loading screen” text, added several console commands, added a global logging script, added custom time events
  • Betterchat: Major visual improvements, added ! as alias for /
  • Buymenu: Removed hotspot check
  • DBUpdater: Temporarily added, will take care of the database overhaul
  • Factions: Added search bars for the browser and diplomacy tabs, added info texts to the browser tabs, added support for local timezones, tons of other stuff I can not even remember, mostly technical
  • Godtool: Added laser eyes
  • Hitmarker: Added (Do not get blinded! It is only temporary anyways …)
  • Nametags: Added minimap up/down arrows
  • Permissions: Added (all new GUI permission manager with way more functions than the old rank system)
  • Settings: Recoded (now includes all settings available and has a permission manager like GUI)
  • Teleporting: Recoded (now more (code) efficient)

Minor tweaks, fixes and ajustments are not listed.

Global changes

  • Updated the whole database to be much more efficient
  • Updated all modules to work with the new settings system
  • Updated all modules to work with the new permission system
  • Updated all modules to work with the new render events
  • Updated several modules to use the new global logger
  • Updated several modules to use the new time events
  • Updated several modules to save values more efficiently to the database
  • Improved console prints


The server will be taken down until this update is migrated due to a complete overhaul of the database.

Update 60

May 2015

  • Autorun: Added debugging function
  • Admin: Timestep change message bugfix
  • Betterchat: Several tweaks
  • Countdown: Disabled console print
  • Killfeed: Performance tweak
  • Map: Added minimum faction radius to be rendered on the map
  • Vehiclemanager: Bugfix

Update 59

May 2015

  • Autorun: Minor Tweaks
  • Autopilot: Added
  • Betterchat: Several tweaks
  • Buymenu: Minor tweaks, readded the Quad Rocket Launcher
  • Factions: Added faction base vehicles, several tweaks, bugfixes
  • Map: Bugfixes
  • Misc: Changed platform keys
  • Nametags: Several changes, performance improvement, bugfix
  • Randomspawn: Formal changes
  • Teleporting: Bugfix
  • Vehiclemanager: Added (the new fixedspawns)

Update 58

April 2015

  • Factions: Bugfix
  • Nametags: Several improvements
  • Rankmanager: Bugfix
  • Speedo: Changed bottom text
  • WarpGUI: Removed request spamming

Update 57

April 2015

This one will not have a changelog simply due to the fact that there are too many changes.

However, it’s all mainly formal changes, recodes or bugfixes, barely any features have been added.

Update 56.2

April 2015

  • Admin: Minor tweak
  • Betterchat: Minor tweak, bugfix
  • Devtools: Added Force Down to the Godtool
  • Factions: Faction leaders will now get updated
  • Map: Minor improvements
  • Misc: Added inputblocker (when mouse is visible)

Update 56

April 2015

  • Admin: Added /remveh, minor tweak
  • Betterchat: Added two more lines, minor tweak
  • Factions: Added /f basesize and /f basecoords, more bugfixes
  • Map: Minor improvements
  • WaterWalk: Not clientside anymore due to sync issues

Update 55

April 2015

  • Betterchat: Minor changes
  • Countdown: Bugfix, performance fix
  • Devtools: Alphud tweaks
  • Factions: Changed faction radius calculation, outsourced serverside performance killer
  • Map: Improved faction waypoints
  • Speedo: Minor tweak
  • VFR: Made the runway texts less pixely

Update 54

April 2015

  • Betterchat: Faction elite chat integration
  • Factions: Faction elite chat, bugfix
  • Killfeed: Minor fix

Update 53.2

April 2015

  • Anticheat: Removed (until Corm makes a more reliable version)
  • Nametags: Minor ajustments

Update 53

April 2015

  • Betterchat: Minor /r fix
  • Waterwalk: Bugfix

Update 52 Part 2

April 2015

  • Autorun: Made vehicle checks a bit more efficient
  • Betterchat: Fixes, Tweaks, added PM tab, integrated and recoded PM
  • Clock: Minor changes
  • Devtools: Changed Alphud position, added /tpcoords staff command
  • Factions: Chat ajustment
  • Killfeed: Color change
  • Misc: Readded hijackblocker, added Submarine, removed PM (merged into betterchat)
  • Nametags: Removed minimap scaling (temporarily)
  • Waterwalk: Recoded, now clientside only without platform sync


The submarine is kind of unfinished and does not even work reliably (static objects are a bitch). I was too lazy to remove it, so let it just be an easter egg. People are usually not around in the Selatan archipelago anyways.

Update 52 Part 1

April 2015

  • Betterchat: Added scrollbar
  • Killfeed: Minor technical changes
  • Map: Added temporary no-TP area after death

Update 51

April 2015

  • Betterchat: Let’s call this Chat 3.0 - Added chat history and chat tabs, recoded
  • Devtools: Temporarily disabled Alphud by default until I find a new position
  • Factions: Bugfix, chat integration
  • Joinleave: Changed color
  • Killfeed: Changed death texts
  • Map: Bugfix
  • Playerlogger: Bugfix
  • Rankmanager: Removed rank text until I find a new position

Update 50

April 2015

  • Admin: Ban system and SQL table improvement
  • Factions: Bugfix, changed window title (this is not BETA anymore)
  • Misc: Moved SWP, Ping, PM here, improved lockforward
  • Sync: Shortened due to ban system changes

Update 49

April 2015

  • Autorun: Added Color:Desaturate
  • Anticheat: Added cooldown timer
  • Clock: Color change
  • Devtools: Minor Alphahud change
  • Fixedspawns: Now uses color desaturation
  • Joinleave: Color change
  • Killfeed: Slight fading change
  • Passive: Color change
  • WaterWalk: Color change

Update 48

April 2015

  • Anticheat: Added (test period)
  • Betterchat: Fixed spam filter
  • Devtools: Alphahud is now enabled by default for resolutions above 900p
  • Factions: Factions can now be renamed by staff, tons of other fixes and tweaks
  • Map: Added faction base rendering
  • Nametags: Minor tweak
  • Playerlist: Sorting should now put staff at the top

Update 47

April 2015

  • Autorun: Added sort functions
  • Betterchat: Added automatic spam filter
  • Factions: Bugfixed, added faction remove command, members/factions should be sorted now clientside, ajusted base size and base size increase
  • Helpitems: Added Dev Tools tab
  • Playerlist: Should be sorted now

Update 46

April 2015

  • Autorun: Added two global functions
  • Admin: Changed to use new global function
  • Betterchat: Improved settings window
  • Buymenu: Improved window
  • Clock: Improved settings window
  • Devtools: Added alphahud, changed godtool UI
  • Factions: Removed type labels
  • Misc: Moved camforward UI text, added lockforward
  • Playerlist: Rewrote (mainly technically)
  • Settings: Improved window, added VTOL
  • VTOL: Ajusted for settings
  • WarpGUI: Improved window

Update 45 - The Faction Update

April 2015

  • Autorun: Several tweaks
  • Admin: A few permissions did not match the helpmenu
  • Betterchat: Added rule for handling /f commands
  • Buymenu: Minor GUI cleanup
  • Factions: Added Alpha’s Factions (Public Beta)
  • Helpitems: Updated
  • Infohud: Added faction script messages
  • Map: Added faction markers, minor changes
  • Nametags: Integrated new faction script, removed integration of the old faction script
  • Randomspawn: Minor ajustment for faction base spawn
  • Speedo: Minor boost settings
  • Teleporting: Added Teleports event for the faction script
  • WarpGUI: Teleporting to someone always puts you 2 meters infront of the target player


Not doing a full reload would be wrong, I guess.

Update 44

April 2015

  • Autorun: Added GUI class
  • Admin: Moved the notice message, moved a few commands to other modules, added hierachy for /kick, /kill etc.
  • C4: Ajustments for settings module
  • Cam: Ajustments for settings module
  • Clock: Recoded the GUI, ajustments for settings module
  • Devtools: Moved a few commands into devcmds
  • Helpitems: Rearranged, updated
  • InfoHud: Minor change, added a few ad messages
  • JetHud: Partly edited
  • Joinleave: Ajustments for settings module
  • Killfeed: Ajustments for settings module
  • Randomspawn: Not toggleable anymore, automatically disabled when VIP+
  • Settings: Added (a module which manages and saves settings of others)
  • Speedo: Minor tweaks for the bottom aligned speedometer, ajustments for settings module
  • Teleporting: Minor fix
  • VFR: Ajustments for settings module
  • WaterWalk: Ajustments for settings module


Do a full reload and expect errors, I had quite a fight with the settings script.

Update 43

March 2015

  • Joinleave: Ajusted fade time
  • Killfeed: Ajusted fade time

Update 42

March 2015

  • Joinleave: Refreshed the code, modified position, time and fade
  • Killfeed: Refreshed the code, modified position, time and fade, fixed some things
  • Map: Minor changes

Update 41

March 2015

  • Freecam: Added (unfinished testversion, on request)
  • Map: Cleanup
  • Nametags: Cleanup
  • Passive: Ajustments for /hud
  • WaterWalk: Ajustments for /hud

Update 40

March 2015

  • Admin: Removed the ability to perma-mute, default mute time is now 10 minutes, if no duration is given
  • Betterchat: Cleanup
  • Godtool: Minor changes
  • InfoHud: Changed background color
  • Joinleave: Ajusted position
  • Killfeed: Ajusted position
  • Map: Another bugfix attempt
  • Nametags: Driver’s healthbars now show the vehicle health
  • Passive: Minor rendering tweaks
  • Rankmanager: Outsourced a few parts
  • Sync: Added (This is now the place where rank, mute, ban, disguise etc. get checked on join)
  • WaterWalk: Minor rendering tweaks

Update 39

March 2015

  • Autorun: Added some new rendering stuff
  • Ads: Renamed to InfoHud
  • Buymenu: Renamed an item
  • C4: Minor tweak
  • Devtools: Added Nav to the list of allowed client console users, vastly improved the godtool
  • Factions: Lowered network usage by using new faction tag system (which will be used by the new faction script)
  • Help: Now also opens by typing /? or /help
  • InfoHud: Improved ads, will get more features soon
  • Joinleave: Ajusted position
  • Killfeed: Ajusted position
  • Map: Tweaks for the bugfix attempt
  • Misc: Added NoTurretFP, which basically just moves the view into a 3rd person ish perspective when in mounted guns
  • Nametags: Nametag fanciness improvement number 451, hopefully fixed the map bug, added faction nametags
  • Passive: Fancier passive text to match the new infohud
  • VFR: Now saves the setting
  • WarpGUI: Readded teleporting poof (let’s see if this works)
  • Waterwalk: Kind of rewrote, this now saves the setting and should be way more performance friendly


It’s time for a full reload again.

Update 38

March 2015

  • Autorun: Added faction checks for players (the new faction script will need those)
  • Ads: Updated welcome messages
  • Betterchat: Added a few rules to avoid spammy or empty messages, as well as messages which are too long

Update 37

March 2015

  • Buymenu: Added a few entries for the player models I found
  • C4: Changed the C4 count display for the stupid people, so they stop asking how to get C4
  • Map: YES! YES! After 4 days, I finally found the bug. Hopefully.
  • Misc: Added /invisible for ranked people (No idea why, tbh). Might improve it a bit and make it available for VIPs in the next update.

Update 36.1

March 2015

  • Autorun: Added Player:MinCoder() request

Update 36

March 2015

  • Autorun: Added rank VIP (On Nav’s request)
  • Map: Fixed a minor issue
  • Melee: Implemented, damage values might have to get ajusted
  • Passive: Minor code cleanup
  • Randomspawn: Made available for VIPs
  • Rankmanager: Minor fixes

Update 35

March 2015

  • Ads: Moved the messages a bit
  • Betterchat: Added /me command (on request)
  • Map: Several changes (see Nametags for more info), technical improvements
  • Misc: Added spawnable elevator platform for staff (on request for King’s filming)
  • Nametags: Players with disabled minimap blips will not be able anymore to see others on the map either, several technical tweaks
  • Rankmanager: Moved text slightly up
  • Teleporting: Bugfix

Update 34

March 2015

  • Admin: Removed several unnessecary changes for commands
  • C4: Made toggleable (request)
  • Factions: Fixed a bugged message
  • Joinleave and Killfeed: Fixed bug which caused stacking of messages when the menu is open
  • Map: Streamed players are not rendered twice anymore
  • Melee: Added (placeholder, might just get removed again)
  • Misc: Added HudHide
  • Nametags: Fixed /minimap
  • Ping: Formally updated
  • Teleporting: Formal changes
  • VTOL: (Attempted) fixing the rotation bug

Also, a few scripts which have menus on keypress now use the KeyDown event instead of KeyUp (very minor change) and the following scripts have been ajusted for HudHide: Admin, Ads, Betterchat, Clock, Joinleave, Killfeed, Rankmanager