JC2MP Logs

This is an infrequently updated collection of some of the fun you encounter while running a JC2MP server. The top "Random" ones offer the best "entertainment" without context, while many of the other logs require some background information.

Random Random Tech Crap Random Salt Faction Recruiting in 2020 Java is used for animations on websites Skai's roleplaying adventure The race for Rosa's thong Lateralus and Rosa incident Magenta quits the game How to get banned (Jess edition) Politics featuring real experts How not to apply for staff Drunk Megan A summary of donkong's flamebait so far Phoenix deletion Alpha is an asswipe Drunk Fishy Press Alt + F4 for admin Atra hotline Poland not stronk (DAGS) Just way too much oof Tempest deletion Some Vlad randomness Colin is a little obsessed Reptile Walker takes a shit Valk banning people off CIA Obeyo's response to getting banned on Discord Obeyo in love and some Rosa things DaAlpha you are not real Padraig taking some flak before server maintenance SWAT deletion Monarch deletion pcp and his obsession with shoes Obey deletion ColdSteel deletion Assassins deletion Hilarious raging kids Luna pretends to know Lua Vlad has a conversation with himself Rora and Skai discover the new staff command restrictions Alienware kiddos Born's ultimate last stand Born being born again Very dope save Chat cancer with Murko Hanging out with some RLS skrubs Some brony hate Born shows up again Sick spits brah Presenting a new Nerdcubed server draft to the staff Discussing a moderation tool revamp on the Nerdcubed staff Slack Some hilarious randoms throwing insults The guy who never left his apartment Nicu talks to himself This hardly qualifies as a conversation PDFs plan to transition to Survival District I played Just Cause for like 5-8 years Random cancer chat argument PDF Migration Day 1 (Excerpt) Kamz and friend going full retard Skai and Luigi discussing server activity High quality hack complaints Felix is good staff material Skai and Rora global chat sexting Misc staff stuff Born going full born felix.rockhill tempban The infamous KoolNuc Skai loves negativity Anon who paid for this game Phil wants his donation refunded Arguing about the English only rule Whiplash and his server idea Nody blames Kara for the Enforcers deletion Salty RLS people Joseph's outburst towards Enforcers Quality ban for insulting a staff member Kara and Born Dealing with smart individuals Navarian's survey Navarian Senpai Strakkezak's and FluffyBalZz' high quality behavior Skai and King discussing moderating Fawxy vs Gamehunter