Nody blames Kara for the Enforcers deletion


00:00:02 | [info ] | [factions] The faction Enforcers has been automatically removed.

Nody: how the hell did uou dare to delete my faction
Nody: and take my base
Nody: you mis used your mod
Karadorn: Hey, good job on making assumptions like a little bitch.
Karadorn: Your faction got down to 1 person and was autoremoved
Nody: joseph syas that
Karadorn: Joseph is saying bullshit.
Nody: how the fuck ...
Nody: it was  33 members
Nody: ..
Karadorn: A lot of people left it recently
Karadorn: I don't know why
Karadorn: buddy, I don't even know HOW to delete a faction
Karadorn: Pretty sure it's not under my authority level.