2015-12-22 - Whiplash and his server idea

21:08 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: So - I am hopiung to set up a media group like Linus Media Group (If you know who they are) and create a community that creates YT videos - Music - Movies and Game Server
21:08 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: And I am hoping to have a Roleplay server with factions and ic/ooc chats
21:09 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: I have many other scripts made for RP servers but none are factions or chat
21:09 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: I was looking around and saw that you had your Alphas Factions script that is on nologam... is that pureley for nolo or is that a possibility?
21:11 - Whiplash -= DMG =- is now playing Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod. Click here to join.
21:13 - DaAlpha: Literally everything you find on Nologam is coded for a specific script environment. The majority of my scripts would not even work outside of the server I created it in because several global functions and events, as well as database tables are missing.
21:13 - Whiplash -= DMG =- is now playing Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod. Click here to join.
21:13 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: Oh.... ok
21:14 - DaAlpha: Asides from that, I am not quite a big fan of giving scripts out on demand. Either I manage the entire server or nothing. And since I do not have time for 2 servers ...
21:14 - DaAlpha: Do you guys even have a coder?
21:14 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: No - I am hiring one soon, I am trying to find someone who wants to do it
21:16 - DaAlpha: Ah well, good luck with that.
21:16 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: Thanks, do you know anyone?
21:18 - DaAlpha: Was expecting that question. To be honest, I think I do not. I mean asides from server owners like Jason, Jman and Fkids, there are people like Garmelon who code for other servers. No idea whether or not he is actually available. You should take a look around the forums. I can imagine that there might be coders who are looking for a server to code for.
21:19 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: Ok
21:20 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: Thanks!
21:29 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: https://www.jc-mp.com/forums/index.php/topic,5812.0.html
21:29 - Whiplash -= DMG =-: Is that like what I need to do?
21:30 - DaAlpha: Not quite sure if it is the right subforum but that could work. Asides from that, you can look around the releases subforum and see who the people are who actively release scripts and PM them.