Atra hotline


00:05 - DaAlpha: Hello, is this Atra hotline?
00:05 - atraokca98 is now Online.
00:06 - atraokca98: Hello you have reached Atra Hotline, currently Atra is scavenging for food within his household, please leave a message after the tone 
00:06 - atraokca98: Beep
00:07 - DaAlpha: Hello, this is Alpha from Alpha Industries. I would like to order one Atra to my dev server address, you should have it in your system.
00:07 - DaAlpha: A sleeping one is fine too.
00:09 - atraokca98: Hello this is Atra Hotline, our administration department will handle your request and dispatch one Atra to your residence, Dev server. The invoice will be mailed to your home address, courtesy of the kid on the JC2 server that knows it 
00:10 - atraokca98 is now Away.
00:10 - DaAlpha: Hahahahaha
00:10 - DaAlpha: On another note, weekly report just went around 5 mins ago.
00:10 - atraokca98 is now Online.
00:10 - atraokca98: Gonna read it after I join and find foood
00:10 - DaAlpha: Sure